IMovie- My Holiday News Report

Hi everyone,

School holidays have just finished and everyone has a story to tell about what they did. Everyone did so many things and had a lot to talk about. So as a project we used an app called iMovie on our iPads to make a news report on one thing we did on the holidays. We looked at a BTN video to see what things a real news report have to make it more appealing to the audience. We found things like: music, comedy, the reporters name, pictures, interviews, different people talking not just one person etc. Everyone had fun filming their news reports. We had about 3 weeks to complete it. We all wanted to share our news reports with all of you but we had trouble compressing it so that it could fit on our blogs, so instead we’re going to look at each other’s on the school system.


What would you do the project on if you had a task like this?

What’s your feedback?

Malala’s story!

Hi everyone,

In comprehension/religion my class looked at a 16 year old girl named Malala. Malala, although very young fought for girls to have an education. Where Malala lived there were Taliban there ( a group of very bad people who didn’t want girls to go to school or have an education) she fought very hard for girls but one day she got shot in the head by a Taliban. She was immediately rushed to a hospital in the UK with her family by her side. Luckily Malala survived the bullet and and returned back other normal life but is now living in the UK.



1. What do u think about Malala’s fight?

2. Are you for or against Malala’s fight?

3. What are your thoughts on this post?

Athletics Day

Hi Everyone,

Today was the Intra – School Athletics Carnival! It is between the year 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 6’s.  We all compete in our age groups to do our very best in all the events to score our house teams points. The colours of the house teams are: Green, Blue, Yellow and Red, every person competing represents one of these colours while competing other girls and boys in the following events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Shot-put, Discuss, Hurdles and the 100 metre sprint.

There is also two other events that you could participate in to score your team points, which are: the 800 metre race and the relays. But for the relays you have to see your house colour captains (which will be on boy and one girl for each colour) to ask if you can be in the relays. There is a 3/4 girls race and a boys race too, a 5/6 girls race and a boys race too. There are 4 runners for each team in one race, each runner does 100 metre before handing the baton to the next runner. The race is 400 metres in total.

The Intra – School Athletics Carnival is an annual event, every year the team who wins gets the house colour engraved in a trophy. In the end only one house colour can win and at the 2013 Intra – School Athletics Carnival Blue  team won! Well done blue team you did great!